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The Good Spy Wife, published in 2014, is my breakout novel. It is the story of an FBI Agent, Gunter, and his wife, Bootsie. The characters are drawn to trouble, especially the wife, and she follows her husband across two continents to find him during the Cold War. I am a retired RN and live in rural South Carolina, the mother of two daughters and four granddaughters. I graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, and USC, Columbia and taught nursing students for ten years prior to retiring to begin another career as a writer. The next novel, a sequel to the Good Spy Wife, will be released in 2016.

Things Aren’t So bad

I agree with author.

World in Motion


It was the summer of ’68.  American cities were in flames, the country was torn apart by assassinations – Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy within months of each other – while students were in outright revolt against the Vietnam war.

The civil rights movement was reaching a crescendo, as were the efforts to resist.  Governor George Wallace of Alabama promised segregation forever, and launched a nationalist-racist independent campaign against the relatively disliked mainstream candidates Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey.  During the Democratic convention it appeared society was to break down in Chicago, as the police used tactics described as “gestapo like” to keep order.

Was the country falling apart?   Conservatives were shocked by the changing moral values – mini-skirts, the sexual revolution, women wanting to work, burn their bras (alongside men wanting to burn their draft cards) and it appeared that order in America was about to…

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Yesterday is over and forgotten. Today I have seen and I have loved. Tomorrow I long for as I do not fear the unknown.